Saturday, 1 March 2008

Exhibition Preparations

Hooray - have completed that last of the paintings (bar 1) that are going to Exhibition on the 6th March-2nd April. Today Sandy and I have met with Mark and organised to meet up down there and set up together on Friday Morning which will be nice and we've worked out how to pack the work so the canvas does not get damaged in transit (bubblewrap was just too expensive) (a three hour drive). My next task is to print out pricing labels and contact the gallery to let then know arrival times. Sandy's organising promotional flyers and we've decided that we will not have an official 'opening' this time (my purse strings will not stretch that far). I am so thrilled everything is coming together so quickly and delighted that it has provided the much needed motivation to get some of the unfinished work completed. I'll post pics of the work going down once I get them loaded on.
The initial financial outlay on any venture like this is a stretch and I was quite stressed on Friday as realised that things were pretty tight but the interesting thing - it is working out OK as even food seems to be being taken care of this week - a friend dropped off a big Kahawai yesterday which had so much meat on it that it's provided for me and the cats from yesterday and today also. Deliciously fresh and tender as roasted it in tin foil in the oven. I am looking forward to seeing what else falls into place closer to exhibition time.

A Significant event - formation of an Art Co-op

Today I feel has been quite significant in my artistic journey as a group of like minded people (for the most part) met in a building that is up for rent and has the potential to be a cute boutique gallery and working space and discussed the formation of an 'art co-op' - something I have been discussing of late with other artist friends also as there is nothing like that up here yet. How GREAT to be joining in with other like minded artists in the community to have a space where we exhibit and hold workshops encourage one another and others. It's quite a cute building inside with 1 main area and 3 off rooms as well as kitchen, toilet, bathroom and small outside area. It was good today was not a sunny day as we got to see what the natural lighting was like inside (very important with wet winters here). The Local arts council have given a grant for the first months rental of the premisis which is great because then we can just focus on getting it up and running. I think we need to have some clear vision and guidelines and systems in place for people to follow otherwise it could be fraught with problems down the track and the 'vision' of the place may get lost but the core group of people all seem very similar in thought so quite excited about the possibilities.

Wednesday, 27 February 2008

For Ash and Me and Others - The painting of the Maori Anglican Church where the Bishop Of Jerusalem Spoke this week

This is one of last years watercolours ( About A4 in size) and also happens to be the same church where the Bishop of Jerusalem spoke to a small congregation and delivered communion earlier this week. It was both an honour and a joy to meet him and his wife. He spoke in English and prayed in Arabic - very cool! He spoke on reconciliation and love for all mankind irrespective of religious beliefs. He spoke of Christian, Muslum and Jew working together as humanitarians over and above religious differences to aid and assist those in suffering and in need. He spoke with us as you would speak to a brother or a sister, not as some great spiritual 'big wig'. I was impressed by his apparent humility and genuineness.
A privilidge and a joy to be able to give him a thank you card with the image on the on the front as a reminder of his whanau in the North.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Countdown to Exhibition - 1 week to go

Well, the PLAN is down for what needs to be done in order to be ready to exhibit within the week, and I have confirmed by email and phone that the intent is to go ahead with the new dates, although have not heard back as yet. Another couple of artists are going in with me which always adds another dimension.
Today I learned, however, that CFS is NO respector of plans, even if they are written down in big bold letters and sometimes your body completely fails to do what it is required to.Hopefully will be able to get back on track in the morning.

Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Day Of Visitors

Thank God for Beautiful Fruits and Veg. This morning had a surprise visit from a German friend who came bearing the most beautiful auberguine I had seen in a long time and spend two hours helping me restake the sweetcorn that was trashed in the storm and try and salvage the tomatoes AND he even decided he wanted to wash some dishes!

The Auberguine was SO handsome with it's tinkerbell like top and dark glossy skin that it needed to be painted but the dilemma I faced is I really did not want to be painting more 'real' things for a while so instead I made it into a nice watercolour card which I will package up to sell. I have found that mixing ultramarine blue and az. crimson gives you the greatest auberguine purple for the skin tones.

More visits in the afternoon with my artist neighbour inviting me for fennel tea in unusual pottery tea cups in exchange for looking at her TV tuning and then later on had a visit from another new friend who is a stained glass artist from London which was very nice.

Today I need to make some decisions as i got the months wrong for the upcoming exhibition - apparently i am supposed to be starting in a week and running for March (I had thought it was April). Would be great to have the work up as that would mean i was exhibiting over Easter which would be ideal, it would also mean all of the work prior to the Black and White painting would be elsewhere so I could have a month free to focus on developing in that area and not being distracted by all my other work.

I also need to be getting a portfolio ready to send to The Learning Connection in April and looking for how to fund that -

Mmm. so much to do and organise!!!