Saturday, 1 March 2008

A Significant event - formation of an Art Co-op

Today I feel has been quite significant in my artistic journey as a group of like minded people (for the most part) met in a building that is up for rent and has the potential to be a cute boutique gallery and working space and discussed the formation of an 'art co-op' - something I have been discussing of late with other artist friends also as there is nothing like that up here yet. How GREAT to be joining in with other like minded artists in the community to have a space where we exhibit and hold workshops encourage one another and others. It's quite a cute building inside with 1 main area and 3 off rooms as well as kitchen, toilet, bathroom and small outside area. It was good today was not a sunny day as we got to see what the natural lighting was like inside (very important with wet winters here). The Local arts council have given a grant for the first months rental of the premisis which is great because then we can just focus on getting it up and running. I think we need to have some clear vision and guidelines and systems in place for people to follow otherwise it could be fraught with problems down the track and the 'vision' of the place may get lost but the core group of people all seem very similar in thought so quite excited about the possibilities.


The Navigator said...

Wow Nicky, that sounds really promising! All the best with it.

- Tim

Nicky said...

Thanks Tim.