Monday, 16 March 2009

today has been an 'in bed' day again apart from a breif period of being up early this afternoon to see someone off who called in.

I am SO greatful for the rehab table over the bed as this evening I was able to be lying down working on some things whilst watching an artschool video.

It continues to make such a difference in my life.

Tomorrow hopefully i will hear from artschool what hours i have remaining to do in each subject area so I can select what to focus in on in particular - i am so full of ideas and things to do that this is really vital otherwise I will end up not completing my hours in one area because i have spent my all time in another.

If I don't hear i am going to paint up some backgrounds ready for drawings I need to get done for various people - some are WAY overdue - like the drawing of a fishing boat that the captain gave me two large snapper for last year - I must get onto that and send it off to him - very much into an equal exchange process where you and the other person swap things of an equal value and worth.

I am also very inspired by some of the visual ideas generated min my head when listening to various sermons in cHurch - one in particular really needs to be done as an oil painting - but am wondering - should I finish all my unfinished work first before starting something new - have several things waiting for completion at the moment.

Tomorrow I have NO meetings and only one committment later on in the afternoon so hoping for a decent block of working time. I lOVE Tuesdays!