Thursday, 3 April 2008

Kathy and her Mahi

One of my friends is a very talanted worker in glass and this evening was the powhiri and exhibition opening. I have watched her working on her panels that she sketches out then cuts and fired the hand made glass sheets before painting and etching them and refiring them and finally placing and leadlighting them. Her work is just amazing.She had four works in the current exhibition along with several other top Maori women artists from the region (weavers, sculpters and korowai makers).

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Datura in Oils

Occasionally one has for no apparent reason more 'spoons' than other days (I will explain this some other time) today has been such a one. Wish I knew the 'key'. I dropped off my packing stuff to Sandy early this morning and noticed a rather large Datura tree in her garden with the most unusual coloured trumpets (kind of a cross between peach and salmon). So she kindly gave me some to bring home and paint. Thought they would be a watercolour as they were so delicate but have ended up using my last canvas and the new oil paints and am thrilled with the result. Had to work quite fast as the flowers drooped and wilted quickly. Am hoping that will get roots on the cutting and be able to plant in in the garden.

Photos show the stages of painting as well as the size of the actual flower (as big almost as Opal the cat). Quite spectacular!

Underpainted first in Seinna

then blocked in the negative spaces with Pthalo blue and green (have just learned about negative spaces).
I found the background 'not right' after completing the flower, so overpainted it with vermillion, sienna and pthalo blue.
The peach shadings are titanium white, vermillion and pthalo blue.There ended up being too much vermillion in the top half so toned it down a bit and now is drying a lovely deep reddish brownish colour. Will have to remove the flying insects another day!

Handmade paper experiments and disappointment

Hooray - yesterday did some work on the paua using some of the handmade paper from IHC - it's really weird to work with as it responds kind of a little like blotting paper and I had to weight it down afterwards as it was buckling but the results are very soft and pleasing.

Today I've done a nice mixed waterbased 'sketch' of one of the felicia flowers from the garden. On this sheet you can clearly see the kauri sawdust that the IHC mix in with their paper pulp. I love the colours of the Felicia and the curvey stems - noticed my plant has heaps of blue butterfly eggs on it so they should be really pretty when they hatch. Seems very late in the season!

Disappointed I will not be able to make the trip down to pack up my art tommorrow. Not able to sit for the car ride down and back. Feel sorry for Snady who now is packing in down on her own!