Saturday, 31 May 2008

Exhibition changeover

Exhibition change over today at the Gallery so have put in three works - could not stay as am sick but the gallery is looking lovely - really like a little boutique gallery now. The person who has been so unpredictable and tempermental was not there which made things easier.
I am also very happy to have my Grandmother home again - have been missing her portrait presiding over the kitchen goings on!

They are just small works in today - Poverty and Wealth is a new one and depicts a very poor woman (you can tell she's poor - has no shoes) wrapped up against the bitterly cold wind fishing. Called 'Poverty and Wealth' because she's poor but has wealth in that she has a lot of fish in her basket, so for tonight at least her family will not go hungry.

Other works are The one of the Amanita muscaria that I did in oils earlier this month and one completed in 2006 called "Putting out the Flounder net, 90 Mile Beach" Both of those were done on location whereas "Poverty and Wealth" was painted in the studio.

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