Saturday, 17 December 2011

Exhibition December 2011

WIll be open again 1 hour. The photography area looks amazing as does the entrance hallway.

Met one of the other photographers in the photography club on Friday night with his family so that was excellent.

Yesterday I closed the exhibition in the morning so I could finish setting up - now that is done i feel so much happier with it all. Nothing had had lables or prices on them so it looks much better now and i can leave people to walk around themselves rather than having to tell them about everything..

I DO need to change some things in the main area, will do that a bit later on today.

It really is NOT a good week for it all as most people are now away on holidays and it is not really a tourist flow through area. Good learning curve! BUT in a way it is good as the trickle of people coming through is about what i can cope with with being so ill. SO in a way it is the BEST week for me to have had it!

Next year though I will have it in another week

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Exhibition week

Exhibition opens in 4 days! SO MUCH STILL TO DO!!!! Today I am working on the marketing side of things, business cards, invitations, emails etc and finishing off a painting that needs doing

SO MUCH still to do ugh!!! WIll be GREAT once it is all done !!!