Sunday, 9 March 2008

2008.03.09 -Man of Sorrows - Oil on Canvas

The New Art Co-op is officially opening Easter weekend so I am hoping this will be dry in time for that. I have decided to use Sundays as a 'play and experiment' day so yesterday after church I pulled out the oil paints that have been sitting in a box gathering dust and worked on 'Man of Sorrows' - The title came from Isaiah 53. There's a song in D that came t o me once the work was complete which uses the words from Isaiah 53 and goes...

Man of Sorrows - by Nicky 2008
He had no beauty or majesty
Nothing in the way He looked
that we should desire Him
Despised, rejected
a Man of Sorrows
And we esteemed Him not

Yet He took our infirmities
and carried our suffering
Pierced for our transgressions
Crushed for our iniquities
Opressed and afflicted
He gave His life for us
Yet we esteemed Him not

Also did a small oil pastel with an area that had a varnish mask just to see what would happen with that which was kinda fun. I love the flexibility of oils in that you can move them around the canvas for a long time as they take so much longer than acrylic paints to dry. Just the odour is not that great for the nose (of the turps) in an enclosed space.