Sunday, 2 December 2007

Exhibition Opening

The Gallery Exhibition for the people on the workshop opened with a traditional welcome with each speaker being followed by waiata (song) before we headed inside ot have a look.

Wont put in all of the photos but you can get a feel of what was up.
1. The weavers looking at their work (these women are very talented).
2. 2 of the girls who were on the workshop and their paintings.
3. The Maori Madonna was hung high above a window - got some good feedback but it was very hard to read the writing when so high up. But it was lovely to have her up.
4. Nga Kai - lots of Kai Moana - sweet smoked fish, aromatic Mussels, fried bread, and a BIG pot of boil up (puha and porkbones) and a wonderful selection of fresh fruits (strawberries and grapes etc). After everyone finished looking we all shared a meal together before heading home.