Sunday, 24 February 2008

A Day Of Visitors

Thank God for Beautiful Fruits and Veg. This morning had a surprise visit from a German friend who came bearing the most beautiful auberguine I had seen in a long time and spend two hours helping me restake the sweetcorn that was trashed in the storm and try and salvage the tomatoes AND he even decided he wanted to wash some dishes!

The Auberguine was SO handsome with it's tinkerbell like top and dark glossy skin that it needed to be painted but the dilemma I faced is I really did not want to be painting more 'real' things for a while so instead I made it into a nice watercolour card which I will package up to sell. I have found that mixing ultramarine blue and az. crimson gives you the greatest auberguine purple for the skin tones.

More visits in the afternoon with my artist neighbour inviting me for fennel tea in unusual pottery tea cups in exchange for looking at her TV tuning and then later on had a visit from another new friend who is a stained glass artist from London which was very nice.

Today I need to make some decisions as i got the months wrong for the upcoming exhibition - apparently i am supposed to be starting in a week and running for March (I had thought it was April). Would be great to have the work up as that would mean i was exhibiting over Easter which would be ideal, it would also mean all of the work prior to the Black and White painting would be elsewhere so I could have a month free to focus on developing in that area and not being distracted by all my other work.

I also need to be getting a portfolio ready to send to The Learning Connection in April and looking for how to fund that -

Mmm. so much to do and organise!!!

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