Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Untitled Male Torso - Indian Ink

For art school I've been tituing with different things for drawing and learning so many different things is such a short space of time sometimes I feel a bit thick as it takes a while at times to fully grasp what you are learning. Some things I 'get' instantly and feel quite excited about and other things take longer to understand.

This week the focus has been on using tone to build atmosphere into your work. I am now looking at some of the work I have on my wall ('Wairua' for example) and seeing things I would do differently next time

But I am thrilled with my work the other day (now 7 weeks into the course). It seems to take me a lot longer than the suggested times as I am only working with one hand at the moment as the other has to be in a sling when i am upright because the tendons and nerves are so stuffed and it is too painful to have unslung (so to speak) Slowly growing in consistency in the quality of my work and enjoying the explorations...

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