Sunday, 22 August 2010

A funny Story

I went out to Unahi on Sunday Morning and was doing some frottage in preparation for some fish drawings. Well a HUGE gust of wind ripped the paper from my hands and tossed it right over the side of the wharf and into the ocean. 'OH CRAP!"

I called out to some fishermen who were working on their boat - " excuse me, my paper's just blown in the water. Do you have a net or anything you could fish it out with??? would have thought a baby had fallen overboard!

There was a sudden explosion of activity as an assorted variety of men burst out of the cabin, frantically grabbing gaffs and bits of board (Not Gaffs I thought - imagining the damage they could do to waterlogged paper)

Duely the paper obligingly drifted alongside the boat and was fished out by one burly fellow who admittedly took one look at the few scratchings I had laid down and nearly threw the thing back in the ocean! After a few bawdy comments about my 'priceless work' and much hilarity by the crew my sheet of very expensive very sodden paper was gallantly returned to me amidst much good natured teasing and laughter.

That was not the end of it though - as I packed away my things at the end of the time there I picked up the camera case and let out a yelp feeling like a sharp bit of metal had dug into my finger. "DON'T MOVE" a burly fellow bellowed at me from the decking. Next minute I noticed a large wasp crawling along my trousers, right at a 'delicate' place. Concerned I might be stung again I used both hands to lift my trousers off my thigh so there was no contact with the skin whilst the burly chap went to find something to take it off with. He duely returned with a bright blue rag and seemed about to scoop up the wasp when he realised exactly what 'place' it was sitting right on top of and shuffled backwards looking a little shame faced. Never seen a big man blush! This put me into fits of giggles ending in a very undignified coughing fit as the hilarity of the situation struck me

Eventually the offending insect got tired of waiting for us to 'rescue ' it and gracefully flew off in the direction of the fisherman's truck. Oops!!!!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Researching ANZAC

Uncle Gordon and Me

I have been researching about my Uncle who was a Frazer and fought in both WW1 and WW2 and also was part of the NZ forces who were massacred at ANZAC cove - he played the bagpipes to herald the troops onto the beach and was shot, as were many of our troops - being sent in first. He recouperated in a London hospital and another soldier later on, as he travelled through London, returned my Uncles bagpipes to him, still covered in sand and grit as they had been when they were picked up from where they lay.
How amazing to have them returned!

The photos above - I have been practicing painting Fraser tartans in preparation for the actual portrait...

I am intending to do a portrait of him in his uniform on a background of Fraser Tartan surrounded by the Soldier Poppies which have become the emblem of the ANZAC's. It is nice to now begin to collect photos and images of family - my collection of photos was sadly lacking.
All part of me finding my place and who I am really and re-establishing myself with my whakapapa, of finding an identity where I can say - YES THIS is who I am. This is only a wee part of that but important non the less.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

2010 is here

My computer is down at home so HOORAY I am somewhereelse and back on site. Currently I am doing some research for a painting based on ANZAC's so had better get back to it