Friday, 16 May 2008

'Pukana pots' - photographs of

Yahoo - finished - now drying over the next couple of days so the paint can harden and be weather proof then they will be potted up with the date palms and an appropriate spot found for them outside. The photos showing the koru design is how they look on the back. The one of both pots also shows Theresa Reihana in behind them. She's the artist who ran the workshop and boy oh Boy her work is stunning. For two days it was $25 and just some kai to share with the others there so I was thrilled because i could afford that which meant I was not ruled out because of lack of finances. She talked through doing the portraits and also 'tricks' (as she called them) she uses to make things look really balanced and three dimensional and realistic (although mine still look a bit cartoony I am thrilled with them. Would not like them on my wall though! Good for outside pots!!!!) Her final portrait was amazing.

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