Saturday, 1 March 2008

Exhibition Preparations

Hooray - have completed that last of the paintings (bar 1) that are going to Exhibition on the 6th March-2nd April. Today Sandy and I have met with Mark and organised to meet up down there and set up together on Friday Morning which will be nice and we've worked out how to pack the work so the canvas does not get damaged in transit (bubblewrap was just too expensive) (a three hour drive). My next task is to print out pricing labels and contact the gallery to let then know arrival times. Sandy's organising promotional flyers and we've decided that we will not have an official 'opening' this time (my purse strings will not stretch that far). I am so thrilled everything is coming together so quickly and delighted that it has provided the much needed motivation to get some of the unfinished work completed. I'll post pics of the work going down once I get them loaded on.
The initial financial outlay on any venture like this is a stretch and I was quite stressed on Friday as realised that things were pretty tight but the interesting thing - it is working out OK as even food seems to be being taken care of this week - a friend dropped off a big Kahawai yesterday which had so much meat on it that it's provided for me and the cats from yesterday and today also. Deliciously fresh and tender as roasted it in tin foil in the oven. I am looking forward to seeing what else falls into place closer to exhibition time.

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