Saturday, 24 May 2008

Playing with 3D

Being Sunday it's my 'play day' - havn't had one in a while. I picked up some Jovi modelling clay from the stationary shop and it sat on my table all of yesteday because I did not know how you use it (there were no instructions). So today I decided just to have a play. Was going to make a bumblebee but couldn't get the unfamiliar material to do what I wanted it to so have ended up doing 3 small figures in hats (the skirts are made like pinch pots) and am calling them my "Ladies of Fashion" I will be interested to see how they dry as you don't need to fire them. The clay was lovely and soft so I did not have to 'work it up' at all and an odd bluey green colour so hoping not too toxic. As there are no instructions I also do not know if they are weather proof when dry or for inside only. Shall have to wait and see!

I am really looking forward to see what my students come up with when they use it.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Student work - abstract

Had a lovely time working on a combined abstract today with one of my students. It's on raw canvas using both artists acrylics and house paint and cosigned by both of us. Was a good experience in design choices, moving with the 'flow' of a work and creating balance - knowing when to stop and when to do a little bit more.

Size is approx 1/2 a metre square. Will pop in and ask the artist neighbour tomorrow how to seal the edges of the canvas so they don't unravel. 'Fire' seems a good title.

In the weekend began the process of getting the house in order ready for the birthday exhibition in July. The first little alcove room is 'hung' and 'priced' and tidy! I also start art school in July so this next month will be busy tying up other things that need to be done before then.