Wednesday, 27 February 2008

For Ash and Me and Others - The painting of the Maori Anglican Church where the Bishop Of Jerusalem Spoke this week

This is one of last years watercolours ( About A4 in size) and also happens to be the same church where the Bishop of Jerusalem spoke to a small congregation and delivered communion earlier this week. It was both an honour and a joy to meet him and his wife. He spoke in English and prayed in Arabic - very cool! He spoke on reconciliation and love for all mankind irrespective of religious beliefs. He spoke of Christian, Muslum and Jew working together as humanitarians over and above religious differences to aid and assist those in suffering and in need. He spoke with us as you would speak to a brother or a sister, not as some great spiritual 'big wig'. I was impressed by his apparent humility and genuineness.
A privilidge and a joy to be able to give him a thank you card with the image on the on the front as a reminder of his whanau in the North.

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