Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The' Black and Whites' - Painting out the Pain

Went through a period where felt 'lost' and was unable to paint because all I seem to be doing is producing more and more work that will end up needing to be stored somehow HOWEVER what I REALLY wanted to do is just go 'hard-out' and paint, I mean REALLY paint - not technical exercises or actual things necessarily but to look upon a blank or textured background canvas and wait for the canvas to show me what needs to be drawn out of it.
So YAHOO! Back on track again and SO much happier with the results.
This one's called 'painting out the pain' and is, I guess looking on it now, an expression of self - in that it is about how I view Life with CFS and how it affects me in some ways. I love the cleanness of it - just used the raw canvas with titanium white and paynes grey.
I've found a way to paint that is not too painful - if I set the easle up at a low level on the outside porch then sit on a couch cushion so I don't have to raise my arms higher than waist height then the pain is dramatically reduced and bearable (have torn the tendons in both shoulders now and nerve inflammation and muscle pain is pretty synonomous with CFS). SO thrilled to have found a way to paint again at an upright easle.

The wee chap below I have put on especially for my NC friends who get chills about spiders - he was right next to me on the lemon tree yesterday and kept me company whilst painting. Had caught a beautiful metallic fly for his lunch clever chap!

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