Monday, 19 January 2009

Sketchbook Exercises for January

Today has been a GOOD working day with a break in the middle where I slept like a log for several hours which was WONDERFUL. (I am the woman who doesn't sleep)
I was given a gift voucher a while back now used it to purchase some chalk pastel pencils - LOVELY to work with as you can do all the normal blends but also fine delicate traceries so I am really thrilled with them.
I had not heard of them until a couple of weeks ago and was not sure our little place would even have them but all credit to them for the array of unusual and varied things they stock in terms of art supplies!

I've been really ill of late so rang and they had them ready at the counter for me so I did not have the added 'ugh' of having to find them as were not sure what they looked like.
It means now I can do drawing when I have to be in bed or lying down as they are nice colours but don't have the same dust as the normal stick pastels. So I am THRILLED.

I've been doing some exercises in my sketchbook to get a 'feel' for the new materials - did my first full colour drawn self portrait (took quite some time) - makes me realise how the chronic fatigue syndrome has taken it's toll of late - eyes are exremely weary. The hyperthyroidism makes them wider so the pupils and iris appear staring although they are not - just my eye are open wider so look bigger. Found some lovely strands of silver in my hair too as I was studying my face. So thrilled.

Have spent a few hours today also revamping my business cards as my mobile phone 'died' and the information was outdated. Have used a beautiful photograph of a nautaulis I took last year, all back lit with natural sunlight for a softer effect. Looks very ince on the draft of the cards. Am designing a co-ordinated package of marketing tools so will be interesting to see what they turn out like.
I have plans now for an exhibition at home in July again so thinking through the advertising and invitation designs now also and also the theme for the main body of work which will be in the studio. I loved a couple of years ago having my first 'in house' exhibition where the entire house was set up as a functioning gallery/exhibition and work space apart from the room where we sleep (I was going to use that also but it was too much visual stimulation and not indicative of rest so canned the idea)
My biggest hurdle at the moment is trying to establish some sort of working routine for art school projects. A long drive out to the GP the other day has put a big unexpected spanner in the works and as set me back quite a way in terms of managing to stand or sit for more than a few moments at a time before I am feeling like I will black out from the pain and that pain is in itself so draining - so it's quite an interruption the creative process. Have been contenting myself with bursts of very intersive work followed by lying down and igniting the creative juices by going over and over the dvd notes.

How wonderful it would to not have this M.E . To be well would be such a gift that one could do so much with.