Friday, 2 May 2008

Hey TIM.G (NC) - Just for you....

This is what they look like when not covered by ones shadow when one is lying down in the grass to photograph them...
just to show they do not only exist in books!!! GRIN!

Painting on Location - the church toadstools

In the last two days the most beautiful toadstools have started to come up under the oaks at the church. Went a bit camera happy and took around a hundred snaps - mostly all usable which I am thrilled with. Darn the printer being broken!!!

Went over again at 8am this morning and sat down to paint on of the emerging ones on a canvas that I had done the background on back in January. I was interested to see how the colours would go with the red of the toadstool on the deep pink base. Really pleased with the result. Subject is painted in oils.

(Vermillion, yellow, titanium, black, browns and a touch of pthalo blue and green.)

A day is always better somehow when one is able to paint.
The other news is I have been approved to apply for a loan/funding for the first year of art school (foundation year (PT)of a diploma in art and creativity).

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

experiments with texture

Monday I watched a demo from a floral artist who had covered a fishing bouy with flax seed in order to use it as a container. It looked stunning so duely went out on a flax seed collection trip (across the road) and came back with a pitiful amount of the most georgous shiny black flax seeds. Not enough for a container so used then on the edges of a small canvas instead.

Reminiscent of the top edge of a Korowai.