Thursday, 12 February 2009

3D work - mask making - and playing with 'paint'

For artschool Ive trotted over to the neighbours recently and we set her dining room up like an operating theatre so she could make a plaster cast of my face (a negative using loads of vaseline and plaster bandages) It was quite pleasent lying there with funky music playing in the background and the hum of voices around me - a little like disassociating i guess - you are aware of where you are but not part of it or able to communicate.

The girls made me laugh just as the bandages were going over my mouth so not only did a little plaster run into my mouth but the cast has set in a nice slight smile which is very pleasing.

Stage two was to make a plaster of paris mixture which was then poured into the mould (once again well vasalined) - I played with it a little too long - did not know it set quite so quickly! SO as I was pourng it in it was already setting so I will need to do another one sometime, however this one will be fine as a base for building up a mask mould with clay before papermache going over the top.

I am finding the process very new and interesting. Sculptural work has many different stages in it's development I am coming to realise - and each one needs to be well done in order for the next to work and therefore a good final product at the end.

A bit like life really!

I've also joined up with a community of Christian Artists' which I will post about at a later stage but it's a timely move for me I think.

Oh - I was given a crayfish yesterday - have cleaned out the shell and thought it would make an interesting vessel - maybe for a coin purse - not sure how exactly to clean it out properly so there is no lingering odour so have set it aside in the meantime on the kitchen bench for the ants to hoe into. hopefully they will do a great cleaning job and solve the problem for me! It is too interesting a thing to just throw away - one cannot help but be in awe of God when you observe the diversity of His creation.

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