Sunday, 30 August 2009

Vision and Mission statements: Goal Setting 09

What do I want: My Goal (Vision)
To be recognised as a NZ artist locally, nationally, internationally

Why do I exist (why do I want to set up business for as an artist? - What is the reason such a business would exist?) (Mission statement)

As an artist I exist to share (not waste or leave unexplored or unopened) the talent and skill loaned to me by God with 1. the local community 2. with my nation and 3. with the world.
  • This requires only my best work (paintings, photography and other mahi). It demands the best of me, not my 'seconds'.
  • My work is a vehicle through which I shall find the courage to speak about things that are crying out to be expressed but may I may not have adequate words or clarity of thought or speech to express in such a way as to be understood.
  • At the very least my mahi will be able to pay for itself. Ideally my mahi is a means to provide sustainable income for myself and others

As an artist I also exist to give something back to this world through my work to the local community, nationally and internationally.

  • This could come in the form of passing on knowledge (tutoring - paid and green swaps)
  • community projects such as the arts festivals fundraisers or the like minds like mine projects or setting up website for whaioraarts
  • artists against slavery fundraising exhibitions for international causes
  • or other such things.

As an artist I must always enquire of myself when choosing work for exhibition: "Is this my BEST work?"

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