Friday, 28 August 2009

Up-coming exhibitions and planninf for that

I sat down with the budget today after recieving forms in the mail for 2 different exhibitons before the end of the year - each requiring a small body of works as part of a larger arts festival - and worked out the costs for each will be about the same once petrol is incorporated.
Budget is pretty tight but if i set aside all the money allowed for emergencies I will be able to cover the initial exhibitng costs so that was a relief - just praying there are no emergencies between now and then!
But the dilemma now is what to select for my body of work - I have several ideas and possibilities - have a month to have the main elements of the work completed so it has enough curing time and then I can work on the other aspects of marketing and presentation but I am so disjointed in my decision making I am struggling to decide on one clear focus. This is also exabbergated by the need at this time to generate sales to be able to afford more materials and opportunities and cover costs. I am an art addict - its as vital to my well being as good nutritious food. I ned to find a constructive way to support this 'habit'. And a focussed direction.
I'd wanted also to enter some art awards but struggled with the form fillling in so once again quite disheartened at my lack of ability that continually penalises me because I find it so hard to get the forms filled in and the work away.

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