Monday, 4 May 2009

weekend work

"Warning - unstable area - please keep off"

had to laugh at irony of a sign which is toppling over the
area it is marking is so unstable a reflection on my own life also - painted in Gouache on card on location.

No creativity for me today after a bit of time on location yesterday braving the bitter wind and sunshine to familiarise myself a little more with Gouache as a medium by going out and doing some small sketches at the beach.

It seems to dry very powdery and is hard to apply unless it is well wetted down (although for the waves in 'Kite Surfer' I applied it directly from the tube for the surf and it has dried almost like a semi impasto feel.)

)This one was sketched for a friends sons birthday - his secret swimming spot - adding gold ink highlights when back in the studio seemed the right thing to do.

Think it demands a bit more exploration.

Seems to be more effective when used in controlled conditions like the studio (see the Cat under the Grapefruit tree).

Currently I am having to buy art supplies on chit - a local retailer allows me to book things up and I just have to pay them back each month. Did a work out the other day and realised I am spending between $90- $100 per month for supplies, even with a discount. {No wonder food has been so lacking...) Apart from one purchase which I have not used they have all been exceptionally useful and necessary.

ARt is my ONE indulgence that does not centre around my health or hospital meetings or surgeons or rehab or physio or ADLs. Art does not care if I can't walk or am in pain or hungry. Creativity is not stomped out by the endless regime of analgesics and opiates and other medication. It doesn't care if there is no money in the bank or if the money is overflowing. Art will always find a way to make it's presence felt.

there are some things going on in my life that MAYBE I will explore on this blog, or not. Have not decided yet. But there is a new 'facet' going onto who I am and what I am about.
Think that is part and parcel of being an 'artist at work' - things change, you grow, things move on

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