Tuesday, 5 May 2009

sketching on Location is always wonderfully absorbing...not always GREAT PAINTINGS emerge - but the ideas they generate and the joy of being there is wonderful

I think it is because you are totally 'in-the-moment- , there is no sense of past and only anticipation of the future, all there really is is the 'now' - it is a mostly very 'still' place to be.

I have had a brainwave. Am beginning now to assemble my home ready for my 2nd inhouse exhibition in July and was not sure how to best go about it but this morning I have recalled I have photos of one other time when the house was assembled like an art gallery so I think i shall have a good look at them, escepially how the end room was assembled as my last year and before work will be in there and can set it up similar. Then i can use the studio for the new work using the limited colour palette and the rest of the house for photography, 3D and new work other than the limited colour palette work.

On the way out to the beach the other day I was speaking with a shop owner and there is a possibility of comission work, they want a painting done of their batch and i need $ for registering the car so i can continue to have the use of it so I need to get in touch with them and formalise things if they do want to go ahead. I just think that would be a great sloution for both of us. A young man I know also would like to do a 'green swap' - getting my car up to warrentable standard in terms of fixing things relating to the stereo system that prevons owners illegally installed in the car in exchange for my speakers in the back of the car. He's a very reliable young man so hoping he knows what he's doing.

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