Saturday, 28 February 2009

Todays work

I have been doing some drawing work for artschool today using chalk pastels mostly.

I thought each layer would cover up the layer underneath it but as it turns out as soon as you 'fix' them with the spray fixative the underneath layer comes through again - this would be great except that my background for the figure drawing has horizontal red stripes on it (I was using the colours of a Royal Gala apple to create an abstracted background on which to work). So the figures are transparent to a certain extent and the background shows through.

Been trialling the new bed easel and it is FABULOUS! Today I have moved it out so I can lie on the couch in the lounge and work as it's easier to get a good position to work from and the couch is now on wooden blocks so the easel slides right underneath it. Marvelous piece of equipment and SUCH a Godsend. It is SO nice to be able to draw again!

Last evening I went out and took some compositional shots in the cemetery - particularly nice clouds and I found my moving around to different heights and positions you could come up with some very pleasing silhouetted shots. (I was lying down at the time when I discovered by moving slightly the composition changed drastically) These are in the old cemetery - the grave stones were the only thing to remain after fire destroyed everything a few years ago - well before my time. There is a great shot of the angel outlined against the flames that someone took at the time.

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