Friday, 6 March 2009

Wanting to buy a ferry, a home, and a future Wishing I had the finances.

Frustrated at lack of funds when something as ideal as this would be comes along and you realise you have not been able to buy toothpaste this week let alone buy a ferry no matter how ideal it would be.

When I saw it I knew how ideal it would be and I felt quite deeply the gulf betweeen wanting somthing and not having the means to obtain it.

It's the kind of thing I would make come alive, and would be deeply appreciated and cared for,
It would give me a future and a hope. It would give me a means to be able to financially support myself whilst still following the call God has on my life.

Oh - I just looked it up on trade me and found it is operating as a restaurant so it MUST have a certified kitchen. I really really really want this! It's just so ME. It would give me a very 'me' home and a gallery and a teaching space and a legal kitchen for producing food for sale for a gallerycaf and a means of supporting myself all in one as well as a teaching space.

One of the times I wish I had a financial supporter who could turn to me right now and say ; yes , I'll to buy that for you and here's the land to put it on - let me organise it all for you...

less than a day before the auction closes.

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