Thursday, 19 February 2009

Mask making - finding inspiration at 11.40pm

For artschool, as already mentioned, I've just done a plaster bandage mould of my face and a plaster of paris cast from that mould to use as a base for making a mask.

And there it sits.

For I really struggled for what to put on it - do i turn it into an animal? Do I make a venetian Carnivale Mask? No matter what I thought it just did not want to get made.

Then I had a change of tack and looked at what a mask actually was - its purpose it to hide, to protect, to conceal something underneath, to alter ones perception to the illusion that the person underneath has become entirely something or someone else.

That kind of got me thinking about materials to use to convey that - now please understand it is started to get very complicated at this point.

So - brilliant - suddenly this morning there is clarity - I will design a mask that demonstrates a part of the Character of God. Suddenly i am back on track. Ive ben thinking about this all day and just now sittinglooking at the otherthings I have been working on this week there is lots of light in them, Lots of diffused as well as reflected light. My work is a vessel of light if you will.

So I said to the Lord just now, Father, You are light - HOW on earth do I portray this characteristic of You within the mounds of a papier mache mask.

Jesus said "I am the Light of the World'

So my mask shall become the world, with a single source of light eminating to it from above, through it and exploding from it in a thousand different ways through eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hair folicles.. as believers, we are His light in a world that has very much in these times become lost in darknes and needs the light in us to shine strongly to show people the way 'home'.

Now I know what this mask is desiring to become, and I wll have my world Map I have been looking for, and am keen to start and move onto the next phase. hALLELYUJAH

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