Saturday, 24 May 2008

Playing with 3D

Being Sunday it's my 'play day' - havn't had one in a while. I picked up some Jovi modelling clay from the stationary shop and it sat on my table all of yesteday because I did not know how you use it (there were no instructions). So today I decided just to have a play. Was going to make a bumblebee but couldn't get the unfamiliar material to do what I wanted it to so have ended up doing 3 small figures in hats (the skirts are made like pinch pots) and am calling them my "Ladies of Fashion" I will be interested to see how they dry as you don't need to fire them. The clay was lovely and soft so I did not have to 'work it up' at all and an odd bluey green colour so hoping not too toxic. As there are no instructions I also do not know if they are weather proof when dry or for inside only. Shall have to wait and see!

I am really looking forward to see what my students come up with when they use it.

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