Tuesday, 27 May 2008

One step closer to Art School

The enrolment forms are in the post as we speak.
There was a delay as we had thought that I had to send all of the information in at the same time, including the TIA forms, but was having difficulty getting actual costings etc from the school so that I could properly fill in the forms and it was all very confusing. SO I made a list of things I needed to know so I could let WINZ know including like what things would be in the starter pack so I could go and price the additional materials that are not in the starter pack and also to have written verification of costs including additional costs like the need to purchase DVD and Courier costings and any library costings etc. SO that was last night. Today Peter the OT called in and wondered WHY I had not posted in all the forms (he had done the photocopying for me last week as had no money for photocopying) and explained to him that the TIA forms could not be filled in because there was no official written down breakdown of costs verified by the TLC so I could not fill in my bit and it was quite confusing and stressful. SO he was cool and rang the school on my behalf and found out that they do not send you all of that until you have actually enrolled so he's got the passport signed for me and the enrollment forms are all in the post and next step is to write a letter with him and my new GP (whom I meet on Tuesday) so the achademic board can decide whether or not to support my need for a laptop to play the DVD's through so in the times I need to be lying down I am still able to study and also incorporate a reader writer programme on to assist with corrospondences and note reading. I was watching 'ATTITUDE", a NZ TV show that is about people with disabilities and how they manage and even have quailty of life, and last week I think it was there were a couple on there who had devised a scanner to scan in any notes and work in conjunction with a reader writer programme on the computer so I am going to have a talk with workbridge and see if this piece of equipment is a possibility.
Goodness! What a palather!!! If I knew all I needed to do was enrol first and then go from there we could have done that weeks ago!!! OH -well. At least it is another step in the right direction!

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