Sunday, 6 January 2008

Exhibition Set Up - January 2008

My first exhibition for the year is always part of a fundraiser that local artists hang work for and a percentage of anything sold goes towards one of the local schools which is FABULOUS!!! The organisers are just lovely and they couldn't have been more helpful today - it was SO hot and humid it would have been very easy to be stressed and crabby but they were charming to everyone and really helpful.

It's the second year I have been part of this fundraiser and as a result I was able to be so much more organised and more relaxed and not so stressed as I know they do a good job of looking after everything. The location is just beautiful - right on a beach usually full of tourists at this time of the year - so afterwards my friend insisted we go for a walk in the ocean and it was just perfect. Beautiful overcast day and shell strewn beach with lovely warm semitropical water and not too many people. Couldn't ask for more than that.

I LOVE group exhibitions up here - nice to catch up with art mates to say 'happy new year' and the atmosphere is so friendly and sociable. A huge variety of artists from potters to painters to photographers to framers to tapersters. And everyone keen to help everyone else with the hanging of the work. I used my old fishing line to hang the framed photos - good and strong and invisible on the walling. I was also given a display stand that a local pharmacy were throwing out that I repainted up and with a few toast racks it has made the perfect user friendly card stand. I am so thrilled with it.

Janet's display...

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