Saturday, 12 January 2008

Exhibition - January - and working on the portrait

I find that exhibitions are always a bit of a 'high' - especially being around like minded people and just being there as an artist and nothing else. It is a wonderful feeling. Oddly for some reason all of us on 'duty' yesterday took out portraiture work to do - very interesting looking at the difference in our styles. All in all a wonderful day of chatting with the public coming through, setting up future painting 'exploits' with other artists (Sandy and I are off to visit someone new we met at the exhibition as she has a lovely church in her area she thought we might like to paint so that will be a nice day trip on Monday to an area I have not explored yet at all. A teacher from Te Hapua has also invited us up there for a painting/ photography shoot (that might have to be an overnighter I think).

The self portrait is really beginning to come together. At the 'eye stage' now and will then have to go back and rework the skin tones a litle as she looks a bit lifeless for some reason.

Sandy playing at the start of yesterday - chalking in where she would place the features (on my request of course).

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