Thursday, 11 March 2010

Researching ANZAC

Uncle Gordon and Me

I have been researching about my Uncle who was a Frazer and fought in both WW1 and WW2 and also was part of the NZ forces who were massacred at ANZAC cove - he played the bagpipes to herald the troops onto the beach and was shot, as were many of our troops - being sent in first. He recouperated in a London hospital and another soldier later on, as he travelled through London, returned my Uncles bagpipes to him, still covered in sand and grit as they had been when they were picked up from where they lay.
How amazing to have them returned!

The photos above - I have been practicing painting Fraser tartans in preparation for the actual portrait...

I am intending to do a portrait of him in his uniform on a background of Fraser Tartan surrounded by the Soldier Poppies which have become the emblem of the ANZAC's. It is nice to now begin to collect photos and images of family - my collection of photos was sadly lacking.
All part of me finding my place and who I am really and re-establishing myself with my whakapapa, of finding an identity where I can say - YES THIS is who I am. This is only a wee part of that but important non the less.

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