Saturday, 25 April 2009

painting painting painting painting

Have been working hard this week - last weekend completed 'Arohanui' - just need to do the sides - in the above pic you can see the initial sketch done in June 2008 - all very mathematical using thirds and circles and triangles and horizontal and vertical lines to get the layout just how I needed it to be...

I have also started working on a recipie book... see below for the title page in acrylics (have removed last name for internet purposes - so not really a big white rectangle in the top of the painting...

and a paint effect tukutuku panel box, just because I could and because I was learning how to do it so thought i'd start on something that didn't matter if it was not 'quite right'

And begun working on a painting called 'waiting for the Harvest'...(the one with the cabbage)

Over the week have done a few bits and pieces - caught a nice sunrise from my bed the other morning - reminded me of the ripples on a David Hockney pool...

Bought some 'gauche' the other day and used it to illustrate a page of the new recipie book - interesting to watch it dry as it is so Matt in a[ppearence and gives a lovely flat coverage, on the black pages of the reci[pie book it looked like cheap tempera paint so not that great. On white paper however the effect is quite different.

And today I've been trying to capture a vision I had this morning of an unusual object called a Tajine - using a limited colour palette of Paynes grey, gold and titanium, - drawn in a very styalised style and added a 'foot' for it to stand on
Have since GOOGLED taghine (how I thought it might be spelled) and found they actually do exist and are moroccan cooking vessels! Spelled tajine.

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