Friday, 3 April 2009

Eight Bells

Last year a captain of a fishing boat was kind enough to give me a couple of snapper so I have finally finished a sketch for him of his vessel. Needs to be 'fixed' then can post it off on Monday.

I love the idea of 'fair exchange'

Will send him the one on the left and work on the other one another day or perhaps leave it as is - not yet decided...

I am SO behind in my work - lately there has been so much stress in my life and so much pressure from all angles it has been really hard to get into a frame of mind to create - my mind is so overloaded with other things.
And the time I have being 'up' each day (out of bed) has been used up with other things.
I just have to set aside time now to work and try and not let all the other pressures andcommittments and deadlines intrude, otherwise it will add more stress and pressure to an already difficult situation.

SO today I have set my timer and just worked. When the timer went off I did a little bit more and put the phone back on the hook then have had to stop for the day. Feeling really ill at them moment so it's back to bed for the afternoon - hopeing tonight I have some more 'together' time so can start work on the next thing that needs to be done.

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