Sunday, 8 March 2009

Recycling Damask and Sketching snappers

Was given a snapper this morning so FINALLY took the plunge and made an apron from an old damask table cloth that should have been in the rag bag years ago and used indian ink to sketch the snapper onto it in several different positions.

An acheivement 1. Because it is the first time i have done any sewing (I swapped a painting for a machine a while back now and first time I have used it) and 2. because I've wanted to work on facric for a long time but have held off because I did not want to risk ruining something by using the wrong materials.

I trialled on a waste peice before starting to use the indian ink on the apron peice. Really thrilled with the result - it looks like professionally printed fabric - not like a first time one off piece.

I'd love to explore this idea more - it seems most practical to have 'functional' one off art works.

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