Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Handmade paper experiments and disappointment

Hooray - yesterday did some work on the paua using some of the handmade paper from IHC - it's really weird to work with as it responds kind of a little like blotting paper and I had to weight it down afterwards as it was buckling but the results are very soft and pleasing.

Today I've done a nice mixed waterbased 'sketch' of one of the felicia flowers from the garden. On this sheet you can clearly see the kauri sawdust that the IHC mix in with their paper pulp. I love the colours of the Felicia and the curvey stems - noticed my plant has heaps of blue butterfly eggs on it so they should be really pretty when they hatch. Seems very late in the season!

Disappointed I will not be able to make the trip down to pack up my art tommorrow. Not able to sit for the car ride down and back. Feel sorry for Snady who now is packing in down on her own!

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