Sunday, 21 September 2008

Hi Build, Garden Signs, More Organised Painting Space and Cat Characture Cards

Below are some cat characature cards in INdia Ink and oil pastels iwas using as a warm up the other day

I thought i would be rather clever today and incorporate the art school exercises into making some garden signs for the vegetable patch - however it didn't quite gel! I did do a few signs though for the various potatoes that have sprouted in the cupboard and need to be planted (Agria and Rua) and for the Kumara I am having a go at sprouting ready to plant in a month or so (Golden and Beauregard).
Anyway - here's some of the work from this week. I had my first experimental session with some 'Hi Build' that came with the art school starter pack. I think it may prove quite useful if I can get a handle on how to make the most of it.

I have discovered that if i lay the paint out neatly according to colour and depth of colour that I am able to work far better. I guess because i can immediately lay my hand on the colour needed rather than having to scrounge around trying to find it amidst all the other paints and paraphernalia.

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