Friday, 7 March 2008

Exhibition of Selected Works - March 7-April 2

Three hours drive, 6 hours to hang (THANKS to APT for their asistance and guidence and Daniel (?) who banged in all the concrete nails for us (including a few wacks on the thumb), and three hours to get home again. A long but successful day!

Funny thing was I had one painting of a cat that was called 'untitled' because I couldn't think of a title and a woman who came up for a looksee called out to me suggesting I call it 'Ngeru' (Maori word for cat) which fitted wonderfully well so now have a title for the painting. What fun.
It has ended up being quite an expensive venture- I will put the figures on here once i have broken it all down as it is something I need to take into account in the future.

Sandy and I were both thrilled with the overall look. It was a much bigger space than I had remembered.

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