Sunday, 30 December 2007

'M.E. - a portrait of self'

Yesterday I got inspired watching a documentary on Rita Angus and decided it would be a great way to end the year with a self portrait. The initial sketch is on a canvas block but because at the moment I am so ill I did it whilst in bed. Was horrified at how ill I actually looked when studying the mirror. My face is all inflamed and the eyes are all sunken with dark black rings.

Today I spent some time blocking in the background and took a photo to help with the finishing off of the portrait as do not want to paint in bed as have not found a way to do that yet that does not get paint everywhere. Tried to look a bit more cheery in the photo so the final portrait should not look so 'blah' (for want of a better word)

Am calling it 'M.E. - a self portrait' or 'M.E. - a portrait of self'

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