Sunday, 25 November 2007

Art and Craft Expo 2007

They call them 'GOLD days' - days where you have great amounts of happiness and togetherness and wellness and vibrancy - where life seems brighter and more intense and more 'lived' somehow.

Leading up to the Expo was pretty stressful with so much to do and the weekend before I came down with what was thought to be food poisoning and landed in hospital and was pretty crook for the next few days but thankfully all my marketing stuff was done and work organised and had some kind people step in and lend a hand.
Everyone set up on Wednesday, the opening wine and cheese was Wednesday evening and then the Expo ran for the rest of the week.
A wonderful time of meeting up again with exhibitors, meeting new people and interfacing with the public coming through, and both selling and buying and chatting happening everywhere. Great fun.

I brought a watercolour of blue poppies and a really pretty kite with shells woven into the rim and a wooden heart shaped bowl made of oak. (The watercolour you can see in the pic)

At the end of it my neighbour and I (we shared a space to keep costs down) put our feet up with takeaways and a good movie and a spot of red and just relaxed.

This Friday I have 'The Maori Madonna' going into a combined exhibition at an actual gallery with all of the other people who did the same Workshop I was on which will run until the end of January - am really looking forward to seeing that all set up. Maori Madonna has been priced at $350 and the gallery will double that price as they take 50% so she will sell in Gallery for $700 (here's hoping anyway). And if she does not sell that is OK because i will use her as a reference for skin tones anyway. Hoping to be able to commandeer a camera guy to go and do some filming of the opening and the people who have put their work in to it. We shall see.

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